“The Father cannot wait for you to see how He sees you and to release the secrets of His Kingdom into your heart. It is time for God’s creative ones to walk in the destiny and fullness that He’s designed for you. Your heart beating fast, your imagination vivid, your eyes wide with wonder and desire – that is His desire for you! A life fully alive, fully engaged, fully embracing the creative destiny He’s given you.” - Matt Tommey, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist 


September 9 to December 3, 2020


35,000 NOK


The vision of the School of Prophetic Fine Arts is to empower Christian artists to co-create with God the Father, reveal His glory and beauty, express His heart, and further His Kingdom. You will learn more about your identity as priests in the Kingdom of God and grow in sensitivity to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in your art and daily life.

Our passion is to help you grow in understanding how the prophetic can be communicated through fine arts. There is such power in fine art to release the working of the Holy Spirit. In this school, you will explore and grow in creating with God and seeing fine art bring healing and freedom, touch hearts, inspire hope, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"I felt strongly encouraged in God’s way with me, my destiny, his dream for my life. It was like an energy booster in the spiritual and creative realm."


Our desire and hope for you is to grow more intimate with Jesus through personal and corporate worship, as you study and meditate on God's Word, spend time in prayer and intercession.


As a Christian artist you are also called to excellence in everything you do for God's glory. This will  be a time for you to grow and improve in your artistic skills. You will learn and deepen your understanding in basic principles, techniques and concepts of painting and drawing. If weather permits, you will have opportunity to experience painting in plain air of this breathtaking beauty that surrounds us here in Norway. 

We will have classroom lectures that support your journey as a prophetic artist. Topics can include Prophetic Ministry, Priestly call of the Artist, Worship, Intercession, Intimacy with God, Lifestyle as an Artist and much more.  

We are running this school simultaneously with the School of Prophetic Dance and are sharing a significant number of the lectures. 

"God spoke to me so much more and in different ways than before. There is a deep rest that he gave me. I discovered a whole other part of the God I serve."


  • Listen to God’s Word and voice and translate it into visual expression  

  • Discover and explore your uniqueness in the Kingdom of God as an artist 

  • Develop your drawing and painting skills through the fundamentals of art 

    • Form 

    • Perspective 

    • Anatomy 

    • Composition 

    • Value & Lighting ​

  • Produce a fine art project expressing God's heart to others 

  • Create prophetic art in cooperative worship experiences 


  • Discipleship Training School (DSP 211, 212) 

  • Basic drawing and painting skills 

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