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  • Where are staff and students from?
    We have students and staff from all over the world! Most students and staff are from North America and Europe, but people apply and are accepted from all continents (except Antarctica).
  • What do DTS Course fees cover?
    Course fees for the Lecture Phase cover food, housing (including bedding and towels on base), teacher fees, and track expenses. Course fees for the Outreach Phase are a flat rate—it remains the same regardless of the location you head to for outreach. Your fees cover your flights to and from your location, food, housing, and ministry expenses. Outreach fees do not cover any additional vaccines or medication that may be needed. You are responsible for covering expenses for plane tickets to and from Norway, Visa fees (if your home country requires it), vaccines, insurance and any personal spending in Norway, such as shopping or local transportation.
  • What is the size and average age of a DTS?
    There are usually around 35 DTS students with ages ranging from 18-25, mostly from North America and Europe. The Creative tracks vary from 3-5 in each track and Outdoor track varies from 10-15 students.
  • What does a daily schedule look like?
    The Lecture Phase is a time to focus on getting to Know God. There will be weekly worship, prayer, and devotions. Lectures are 3 hours Monday to Thursday with personal and small group processing times throughout the week. You will grow your servant heart and attitude with weekly work duties. The Outreach Phase is a time to focus on making God Known. You can expect to engage in a variety of ministries; street evangelism, school and church ministry, practical service, prayer and worship, and more. Outreach also includes personal time with God and team building.
  • What does the Outreach Phase look like?
    Outreach Phase is about two-months of the DTS course with a focus of Making God Known. It gives you a taste of missions and an opportunity to activate what you learned during the lecture phase and track time, while serving the local ministries and communities in your location. Outreach is full of opportunities to evangelize, pray, play, serve, worship, plus chances to discover ways to use your passion to serve and glorify God, and grow your heart for missions and other cultures. Students are encouraged to use their creative and outdoor passions to make a difference.
  • What are the Outreach locations?
    For each DTS, we prayerfully seek God’s heart about where to go on outreach. In the past, we have gone to India, Japan, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, England, and different European countries. We value investing in the relationships we have with local ministries and communities. As a base, we are committed to serving in Papua New Guinea and joining YWAM Medical ships in their work there as often as possible, but there is no guarantee that an Outreach team will go there.
  • What is the recommend size for packing and travel?
    We recommend you bring a 65-85 liter hiking backpack with all you will need for the Lecture and Outreach Phase. In addition, a 25-45 liter day-pack for weekend or day trips and a small tote bag for lectures. We do not recommend bringing a suitcase, since it is difficult for on-location transport during the Outreach Phase.
  • Can I exchange currency in Ålesund?
    Unfortunately, there is not a currency exchange in the city. You can exchange currency at the Oslo airport. Tap to pay is the most used form of payment for shopping and local transportation.
  • If I do the Creative DTS, will I get opportunities to explore Norway?
    Exploring Norway during track time usually depends on what the track leader plans. For example, the photography track tends to go out and take photos of Norwegian nature. But if you’re on a track that isn’t able to explore during the week, most weekends are free for you to explore the local area, go hiking, or plan a small road trip.
  • What do I need to bring for my Track?
    Your track leader will send a more detailed letter with what is available and what you should bring for your chosen track. Creative students are encouraged to bring the equipment and supplies they have a strong preference for, like specific camera accessories or art supplies. For Creative Tracks, each track provides some equipment and materials. We have functioning spaces like an art studio and a recording studio. Each track is highly recommended or required to bring their own equipment, like a camera, personal guitar, or sketchbook.
  • If I'm married, can my spouse and I do a DTS?
    Yes! If you are married, we highly recommend doing a DTS as a couple. You will have your own room on base.
  • What language(s) are spoken at YWAM Ålesund?
    English is the primary language in Creative and Outdoor DTS teaching and YWAM Ålesund rhythms. We have staff and teachers from all over the world, so there are many languages present on base. Since we are in Norway, we incorporate Norwegian songs into our worship times.

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